Monday, September 25, 2006

MONETISATION://Divide and conquer Yahoo! and Google

It's a sellers' market. Top internet sites (MySpace, YouTube, AOL, eBay, Amazon, iTunes) attract interest from Google, Yahoo! and others to provide services and monetisation efforts. As these are potential competitors, the favored strategy is: divide and conquer.
  • eBay: alliances with both Yahoo! (US) and Google (non-US) for paid search etc.
  • CurrentTV: Google provides statistics and Al Gore is a Google advisor. However, the video deal went to Yahoo!.
  • MySpace: Google for ads, eBay is rumoured to be partner for ecommerce and payments.
  • Apple: Google is the search engine in the Safari browser, Eric Schmidt is on the Apple board. So, it looks like it will be Yahoo!, not Google, to win the video deal.

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