Tuesday, September 19, 2006

SHARED SERVICES://Wholesale operations in diverse industries

Shared services form an interesting link between telecoms, internet and media companies.
  • Telecom: wholesale services, structural separation, network services. See BT Openreach or perhaps Telecom Italia. Also, OPTA is considering how the new All-IP network that KPN plans is best opened to the competition. Any outcome is possible: resellers only, double street cabinets, structural separation or an Australia style joint effort from altnets aimed at a new FTTN (KPN style) or FTTH network (Verizon or Iliad style).
  • Internet: see my previous post on Amazon.com. And to take this one step further: what could Google do with its massive server network? EBay is doing a little by providing infrastructure to the e-Media Exchange initiative from the advertising community for buying media.
  • Media: Switzerland Inc was suggested for the newspaper industry. Also, in this artcle a Publishing Cooperative is suggested for society publishers.

Wholesale services are a growing activity (even at a telco like BT) or a new source of revenue, albeit at a relatively low margin.

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